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I am not prey to Hootie. Even if we stick to the analogy, I was the owl. I sat for years silently waiting. He's nowhere near to my tier of troll or user. Both as a good user AND as a notorious trouble-maker he's nowhere near to my excellence.

Hootie has never, not once, scared me or put me in a position where Andy would ban me over him. The only one who did that in recent times was Nathan Allen who got banned 3 months later and got me banned as he took a rap battle I had with you, FM, and told Andy it was me berating HIM. Andy began to think I was Nom as well as you at some point and banned me with him. You don't know the full story and Andy still struggles to properly analyse IP as he has somehow made the back-end of his website translucent to him as opposed to transparent.

You want to talk about predator and prey? It's not very communist to prey on someone now, is it? :)

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