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Mingiwuwu Has Sucked An Awful Lot Of Dick, But Is It Ever Enough?

His appetite for dick appears to be insatiable. Big dick, little dick, black dick, white dick: he just doesn't care.

How much dick is enough, Mingiwuwu?

Please advise us.


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Not In This Lifetime

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Never would a COMPASSIONATE SOCIALIST make suck RACIST terms !!!!!!!!

IDIOT you wrote it own it - black dick, white dick

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Never has the LIMMEY sucked an Awful Dick but is it was not AWFULLY GOOD or so it says! LIMMEY are you into LENGTH ??????????? ROTFFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shut up.
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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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Let me rephrase it a different way for you, brother.

If I were to write you a cheque right now, how large would that cheque have to be in order to persuade you to give up the dick?

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Mingiwuwu(1470) Clarified
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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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I note you have spectacularly sidestepped the OP's very reasonable question, Mingiwuwu.

How much dick is enough?

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Mingiwuwu(1470) Clarified
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