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 Mini-rant: This site needs to mature. (10)

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Mini-rant: This site needs to mature.

The only debates that seem to crop up anymore are about whose point farming or who's imitating who our who's banning who... it gets old. I really like this site, been with it for years, and it makes me sad to see it reduced to this. How about we have some actual debating?
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You should have just made an actual topic to debate. Hypocrite.

Iulmi(252) Disputed
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We can debate this topic...

While I agree, 31337 does have a point regarding the apparent hypocrisy :P

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If you don't mind me saying, Akulakhan, perhaps you are maturing and the site is actually as immature as it always has been and it is that you are only realizing this now.

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Can't we at least yell at each other about how wrong someone's opinion is?!

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jolie(9805) Clarified
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How's that?

Yup.. I totally agree with you... those were the days when debators were more mature

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I would like to clarify that some members of the site need to mature.

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True, since majority of the member aren't trolling, a portion of the members are infact demonizing this website with their silly debates without making any sense, we should debate about serious and mature ideas not on stupidity, one of these people I can mention is the guy who advocates zoophilia. What a laugh I had when I saw his videos!

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Andy is again correct.

The content on this site is ours to create.

If there are no serious topics,

does that not have something to do with us?

Scorn the mindless babble and add to the serious important topics to be debated.

Here's one THE POPE & Climate Change

Here's another: Why should Biden enter the race?

Or perhaps: What's behind Obama's strategy in Syria ?