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Mobile phones are good They are a waste of time
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Mobile phones should not be banned

I am sure everybody knows about cell phone and know the importance of it too in the present time. So I would like everyone to put down your argument whether you think that its good or bad to use mobile phone. 

Mobile phones are good

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They are a waste of time

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Mobile phones are very important in this time. Without mobile phone we can't connect to each other.

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Personally, i think people have misconstrued the importance of a mobile phone, new technology has distorted the 'point' of having a phone. Lets go back 15 -20years + when having internet on the phone wasn't even thought about, or when snake was the only game available to quench are boredom. How important was a phone then and how imperative is a phone now. How would one connect with family and friends? With a payphone? How would cooperations which solely work on phones cope? Bringing economics into this, but not deviating away from the point. What would happen to mobile phone companies and a drastic decrease in unemployment and tax revenue for the Government? May i ask how you anti-phones would like to communicate with your friends and relatives abroad?

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Dear GOD, without my phone I would be lost lol, I wouldn't be able to post on createdebate when i'm at work.

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I use a mobile phone only to communicate. I don't go in for any contracts.

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Because they were ever in danger of being banned?? It's kinda 50/50 for me. Mobile phones in general are good. Texting is a waste of time, and a danger to everyone on the road.

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jerwin(15) Clarified
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There is always restriction when you use mobile texting... there are but only few where involve into incident texting while driving,, and those are people who don't really abide the law... so if you say mobile phone is not good... NO...

It is not only good for people that are irresponsible. According to Georgina Vasilou, an ipad case designer and a full time blogger, said that having mobile phone is everyone's rights but with a restriction of responsibility.

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