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Modern Architecture vs. Classical Architecture

There are many people that think that the the old should be kept away from the new and others that think differently. Some might say that having a mixture of classical and modern buildings on the same street might be good and others that would find the mixture horrible. The differing tastes in our society poses many problems for the construction of houses today. The fact that we cannot come to a consensus about wether or not something is beautiful or not makes it very difficult. Should we stick to the old, traditional style of things or is that just moving back into our comfort zone, inwhich we already know? Or, should we move into more modern housing, reflecting the time we are in today and move into new types of techology? Which is more beautiful? Which is more practical? And, most importantly, can they fit together?

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I like them both. I like the Gothic cathedrals that are classical architecture but I also like the modern architecture of the 21st century.

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I like the modern architecture as well as the ancient contemporary architecture as both portrays their own style and has its own uniqueness.

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Everything has a time and place, and sometimes fusion works. But with that said:

For every shining example of classical architecture there were 10 fold more other similar buildings which didn't stand the test of time or work well for modern functions. We tend to hold up the best examples and say why can't everything be like this, when in reality even in the days that the building was considered modern a whole heck of a lot was not nearly as good as the chosen example.


For every shining example of modern architecture there are 10 fold more made so poorly or impermanently or uncreatively they'll be gone and forgotten before the next generation.

And if you're going solely based on style there are winners and losers in both.

Classical architecture is characterized by symmetrical and balanced designs, intricate ornamentation, and the use of classical orders, aiming to evoke timeless beauty. On the other hand, modern architecture embraces simplicity, functionality, and technological advancements, favoring clean lines, efficient use of space, and innovative materials to reflect the spirit of the times. Check this bathroom contractors nj!