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"Modern" Art, Necessary or Nuisance?

I find that, especially nowadays, the definition of what's considered "art" is swelling to ridiculous proportions. For example, in a certain State Capital I used to visit, there was a group of large, oddly cut blocks of marble that I would consider disgusting, and others would consider "art". Many such works are present nowadays, from the aforementioned "sculptures" to pieces created by dropping paint onto a canvas.

Hence, I pose the question: do you consider "Modern" Art to be a necessity, an influential part of our evolving culture, or a nuisance, a useless thing made by someone with too much time on their hands?


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Art is not the object that you see, but how you look at it, and what you get from it. The art that speaks to you might not speak to somebody else. People who like poetry don't like the same kind of poetry, because some make them feel something and others are just words.

So I'm not saying that the blocks you saw were art, but just that art is not necessarily about beauty or materialism, but it can also be about emotions, and for all I know the artist could have thought of something deep and meaningful that not everybody gets.

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