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They are overpaid. Their salaries are justified.
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Modern athletes earn too much money.

They are overpaid.

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Their salaries are justified.

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Nothing can justifies the reason why they are getting too much overpaid. If these athletes have talents they should get paid but in a reasonable matter max 10k/month

These talent are not helping our society to move on or create jobs.

In fact one example is football is a big industry they are making billions each year and try to keep busy everyone, while we are drawing in debt, while there is war, while there is misery and famine we care more about Manchester united. Sport is a hobby and it should stay there.

I think no one should get a wage of millions of dollars, even politician or CEO. instead to get paid equally and depending on the responsibility of the person. This would help the world and make us more human being caring for each other.

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As far as i know, communism hasn't been successful. If everyone gets the same wages, others start to complain.

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However, the fans feed the monster to get those high salaries.

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In my opinion, one of the strongest arguments justifying their salaries is that the services that they provide are really unique. Not just anybody can throw a ball with a speed of 150 km/h, make an accurate shot into the basket in 80% of times, or rush through a defensive line of opponents. So they are rewarded for their talent and their hard work in gym and trainings.

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