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It should be this way. That is just a bunch of bull
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Money Speaks

Do you think people blindly follow those that are rich and intelligence has little to do with their following?

It should be this way.

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That is just a bunch of bull

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“A poor man wise is like a sacred book that’s never read. To himself he lives, to all others seems died. This age thinks more of a gilded fool, than a thread bare saint in wisdom’s school.” Thomas Dekker

It is this way according to Dekker.

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Yes, to some extent. Mainly, more than money though, I think it's about power and fame. But money can give people both of these things. People listen to those who 1. they are able to hear(the people who have the resources to broadcast their ideas) and 2. Are well-respected. Some people are respected(or feared, admired, etc.) because of their money and fame. I don't think there are TOO many people who are, at least on the surface, respected ONLY for their money....there's usually at least a cover-up reason why they're so great.

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I think all you have to do to prove that money gains undeserved power is to simply look at our congressmen and George Bush.

Bush was one of the dumbest people to ever be elected President and yet because of his father's achievements he not only was a multi-millionaire but got to take an easy path to the White House. His ability to be manipulative also helped, but he kept the majority of the nation under the impression that his lies were true despite being an idiot.

It's kinda like the idea that Hitler used that if you tell a lie enough times then people will believe it. So with money and fame people can use propaganda and lies until people start to think it is truth.

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Not so much rich as famous.

People are actually being taught to hate rich CEO's [many of which have worked hard and earned their way up] and then they go and worship a rich young hip musician/and or comedian that tells them what is the cool young hip opinion to have.

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My choices don't make sense. You're asking if that statement is true or false, but that's not the two options you've listed. Anyways, I do agree with the statement. And my reasoning is that when you see someone with a lot of money, you think they must be doing something right to get it. Or at least just doing something you might feel you're too stupid to figure out yourself to get all the money. So, a rich person gives the implication that they are intelligent, even though it has nothing to do with it... most of the time. In fact, most of the rich people in America are rich because they're manipulative, selfish, greedy and liars. Doesn't sound very smart to me. Sounds like some douchebags that I'd like to learn bank computer hacking just to steal their money. (Not totally serious here... I'm not that gutsy).

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My brain wasn't working right when I stated argument sides, my apologies for that. It probably should have been "Money speaks, true or false."

Side: That is just a bunch of bull