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Morality Test 2

Read the instructions for the original Morality Test to fully undestand the rules. It takes great thought to come to the correct conclusion and your first assumption is incorrect, in line with how I described "Morality Test"

**This one's easier**

It so happens that you are living in London in 1349 and you love animals. In fact you love them so much you've not bothered to kill the rats infesting your barn. Your father has been laying traps and when he's at work you disarm them because even though they scare you, you know they are soft and fluffy and would kind of like to pet one. You are a young girl, no more than 10, and sound asleep when you hear your beloved Mittens and your beloved Rover making an aweful racket in the barn. No one else hears it, and feeling safe on your farm you go into the barn where you hear the growling and hissing armed with nothing but a large stick and a steel resolve to brave this out.

Mittens and Rover are both torn to ribbons, bleeding terribly with a singly extraordinarily large rat trapped in a corner. They are dying. The rat is killing them, though they've fought bravely.

Obviously you try to kill the rat with the stick, but it is too fast. You try for what seems an hour but has actually only been minutes amidst hissing and growling. More than once during this melee your small pets have saved you from being scratched or bit by this super rodent.

You swing desperately again and hit a support beem which had been chewed nearly through by rats. The barn shifts and a beem falls and kills the rat!

You've destroyed the support for the barn you realize with your mighty swing and the whole thing is coming down. Your brave and beloved pets begin whimpering. They are bloody from the hard fought battle but before the whole thing falls you can only save one. They won't move, frozen in fear.

Who do you pick up and take to safety? The puppy or the kitten.

There is only 1 correct answer, all other answers are incorrect. Your first guess is worng. I will tell you the right answer in a couple days (or when I get to it) or if someone gets it right I will let you know.



Tons of good answers, but as someone mentioned it was during the black plague. If a rat is attacking a puppy and kitten there is likely something wrong with it, Black Plague, rabies, whatever. Both animals were bleeding from the fight it mentioned.

Unfortunately during this time and with little medicine available or understanding of disease, letting them both die is very likely to save many other lives.

Save the Puppy

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Save the Kitten

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As cats naturally hunt rats, and dogs naturally hate cats, it seems proper to save the dog who came to the defence of his natural enemy, the kitten.

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This is at the time of the Black Plague and all your pets - including yourself are infested with fleas. If the fleas are infected then 80% of your village dies from it within three weeks anyway.

Save the puppy - at least it will grow up to be a working dog that will protect you - if you are the surviving 20%.

Side: Save the Puppy

Can I use the sturdy stick as a support beam to make up for the unsteady beem that was holding the place up?

I would then scare the dog into action by telling him to pick up the cat and run out of the barn because there was a big, mean angry, rat right behind him. I mean, when was the last time you saw a cat do as it was told ;)

Alternatively, I would use the stick to get one of those Giant Rat Traps and catapult both the cat and the dog out of the barn (Do I get any points for being creative? ;).

Alternatively, I would tie the dog and cat to the stick and carry them out or use the stick as a spear and chuck them out.

Alternatively, I would either wake myself up from this awful nightmare or log off CD and go have a beer until a few days have passed, come back and see what the answer is ;)

Alternatively, I can resign myself to being either a bad person (moraly) or a person not smart enough to figure these things out and never take another morality test as long as I live ;)

Side: Save the Puppy

Puppies see you as a friend and a master. Cats see you as a source of food. Some people who die in there homes get eaten by there cats. Dogs are more loyal. A puppy would save you, so you should save it.

Side: Save the Puppy
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" may go for several days before finally resorting to eating the owner's body. A cat, on the other hand, will only wait a day or two..."

Supporting Evidence: postmortem predation (
Side: Save the Puppy
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In the briefing the cat and dog have both adminstered and suffered an equal amount of pain, therefore I can only deduce that it would have to fall back to what the animal may do afterwards.

I picked the cat so that it can make up for my undoing of the rat traps by attacking and eating rats when i grew older.

Side: Save the Kitten
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FANTASTIC ANSWER! Great tie in with the cat. Apply that amount of thought to the first test.

I would not be completely satisfied though if I were you, not saying you're right or wrong but there is a clearer answer and it will be very clear once you get it, in fact once you know the answer it will seem simple. If you have a question it means you're not right. I've said enough though. A couple days.

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May I enquire, does the fact that it's London and the 1300's mean anything?

Side: Save the Kitten

I would die with both my pets and hope there are no rats in heaven ;)

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You're gonna get one heck of a beating for this one, so save the kitten. Your father will be all upset with you. Cats either run out and hunt or sleep a lot, either would make you feel better with you new found hatred for rats or sleep next to you as comfort while your family is mad at you for creating a rat infestation and destroying the barn. Taking care of a dog is harder and they need more exercise.


-Witnessing the horrible actions of the rat has turned you against all animals so you run out of their and save no one but yourself.

-You have always wanted to pet a nice, large, fluffy rat, so you take the dead rat and run. Yay taxidermy!

So, why does the person always have a stick?

Side: Save the Kitten

Save the kitten, most dogs are just ugly. Seriously, have you seen some dogs?

Side: Save the Kitten
ptosis(243) Disputed
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When was the last time a cat protected you? Or herded sheep? Hunt for ducks? Come when you call it?

Dogs are the oldest domesticated animal for a reason - they ARE better than cats!

Dogs are beautiful!

Side: Save the Puppy
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When was the last time a cat protected you? Or herded sheep? Hunt for ducks? Come when you call it?

Humans are capable of self protection. Do dogs keep rodent infestation under control? No. Don't hunt. For the most part, cats are independent. They don't need 24/7 hour attention.

Side: Save the Kitten