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Religious State Separation Of C&S
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More Than Nine Out Of Every Ten Americans Believes In God.

OK, so I told a little white lie to get you in here. My apologies. That data is from 2011:-

More recent data (2016) puts it at 89 percent:-

Still an absolutely staggering number.

Is it perhaps fair to describe America as a religious state, even though there are a diversity of religions being practised there? Indeed, would this not be a faux objection in the first place, given that Judaism and Christianity are both practised in parts of Iran?

Really think about it.

Even if we accept that America is "different" because of the variety of religion on offer, this does not detract from the common themes these belief systems all share (i.e. belief in God, the afterlife, prophecy, miracles etc...). It is my belief that the differences are far outweighed by the psychology which is common to religious groups generally.


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Just consider the implication of these numbers on things like politics and business. For example, if you could convince nine out of ten politicians that voting for/against a particular piece of legislation would be against the wishes of God, then you could potentially shape the law based on your manipulation of a concept which might feasibly be completely false.

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When I was very young, I wanted to be a christian because my karate instructor would talk about his faith and he had a way of making it sound fascinating and full of wisdom. I went to a religious christian school and started going to church and long story short that's how I got into paganism, satanism and the occult when I was a kid.

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