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More Toddlers Are Playing Video Games.


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It depends on what type of video games they are playing. There are many educational video games for toddlers that actually help them learn. Thanks to a certain video game, my daughter learned how to read very quickly.

Of course, the time they spend playing video games should be limited. They need to be running around outside playing as well. It is unhealthy for them to be sitting in one spot hours on end.

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The only video games a toddler's brain is cappable of playing are the ones that require it to learn basic things. Do you see toddlers playing M rated FPSs? No, not because that would be silly, but because their brains cannot coordinate them into playing them. Nor could they coordinate them for RTSs, RPGs, ARPGs, TBSs, etc.

The only thing they're brains can allow them to play are ones that help the toddler's brain develop.

And also, computer screens don't do brain damage anymore. Even if they did, it's not like the toddlers are playing those learning video games 100% of the daylight hours.

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They should't be playing video games because they are suppose to be learning there alphabets and learning numbers so they will be preparing for school and being prepared for learning.

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What's the point of them playing video games if they don't understand yet how hard it is to get money?

No one can play the same video game for ever. They will be asking for more and more and if they get more they will have less time to study and they will feel like if they need video games.

Do they even understand what they are playing?

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