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Moshing: Fun throw down or Obnoxious douchbaggery?

Hey guys, who wants to wall of death?


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This is hardly in favor of current "moshing". In fact, due to my advanced age I'd look more like I was searching for my nasty teen daughter than a careening fan at such an event.

But, back in my youth I saw Bad Brains at CBGBs. I was a neo-rockabilly fashion boy at the time -- you know, AREA, Danceteria, Veselka (sp.?) -- and had to be dragged to the show.

Well, Lord Almighty, what a performance. The band was great and the punks or moshers or whatever they're called these days were absolutelu primal -- swatiska tats and black leather, buzzcuts and baldies, f------- anarchy. I loved it.

Okay, so I hardly turned into wild boy in its' wake and eventually ended up getting married and moving on to real life (bills, bills, bills). But, for one night back in the early 80s I got on board for a night of nihilism.

And I loved every second of it.

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Wall of deaths are probably the most annoying and LEAST hardcore/cool thing you can do at a show. I personally always thought that they were lame and unoriginal. Yeah sure they looked cool at first but now you have bands like Yellowcard doing them. Once you have all of these wannabe kids doing them it really takes the fun of way. So it is Obnoxious Douchbaggery.

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Most things in life that aren't necessary for one's survival or the survival of others and even those things that can be said to be necessary for social beings (like ourselves) still fall under the category "obnoxious douchbaggery." This definitely meets the criteria.

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Moshing used to be fun in the 80s until all the jocks and metal heads got a hold of it. Now its just a bunch of douchbags trying to hurt people.

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