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Mosque at Ground Zero

Should a muslim mosque be allowed to be built near ground zero?


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Aside from Muslims themselves, I'm sure there won't be a lot of people pleased to see it there, but in a country that still allows freedom of religion, on what grounds could it be prevented?

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contrary to popular belief, not all Muslims are suicidal maniacs bent on killing everyone, shocking i know

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Though hot headed Americans will try and go against what our country is supposed to stand for ...

There isn't any way of preventing it without breaking the constitution.

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IT IS NOT POPULAR BELIEF that all Muslums are suicide bombers. Very few americans believe this people go out of there way to not offend minorities for fear of slander/blasting from people in there social groups and communities. with that said though we live in a country of freedom of religion lit would be insulting to the deaths of thousands of Americans to place any building no less a mosque on that sight. People may think that this is a funny matter but it is not. thousands of people died on that ground, if you laugh at that then you deserve to be shot.

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Who is laughing at the fact that a mosque will be built at ground zero?

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I think it would be in bad taste. It would not be appropriate to build a mosque in that vicinity.

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