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 Most Democrats are conservatives (seriously think about it) (2)

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Most Democrats are conservatives (seriously think about it)

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So the Conservative-run senate hunkers down to figure out how to give handouts to everyone.

conservative-run senate change rules for increased unemployment

The Conservative President and Cabinet push for "checks as soon as possible" to everyone.

Yep. I agree Democrats are Conservatives.

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When you really think about it, the average dem agrees with the average republican on more than they disagree on. They serve the same plutocratic system at the end of the day and perpetuate a slightly different version of the same thing. Democrats want to preserve the system just as much as conservatives which makes them conservatives, it's just that they want to give the slaves and commonfolk a little more reason to feel like they are treated fairly to stave off actual, meaningful change. A real leftist is someone like Bernie Sanders, who actually wants to change the system from plutocracy to social democracy. You have been trained to consider him a radical leftist by American standards but what the American establishment finds acceptable exists in a tiny box and the fact of the matter is that American liberals are centrists and classical liberalism (i.e conservatism in today's capitalist world) is centre-right to centre-left on the universal scaling of things in the political spectrum, as opposed to America's narrow and biased version of it.