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Most Jews say the left is responsible for antisemitism


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Specifically which part about the left trying to have a Jew (i.e. Bernie Sanders) elected as President do you find anti-Semitic, Herr Moron?

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So the German far right which killed 6 million Jews isn't a problem?

Nice. You're right. Obviously the problem are the millions of left wingers who were imprisoned in the concentration camps with them.

The things you say are so impossibly stupid all they warrant is laughter.

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Impossibly stupid, but RIGHT ….. you COULD say, if you took and impossibly stupid meaning of the term "right".

This has GOT to be Bronto with a dogs face! A shame, dogs are MUCH smarter than this guy! Poor dog.

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Past atrocities of Nazis do not alter the facts of today.

Nobody claimed "the past atrocities of Nazis alter the facts of today" you deranged retard. Stop attacking your own straw man arguments you silly buffoon. The "facts of today" are that antisemitism is on the far right where it has always fucking well been. The only people who say otherwise are neo-Nazi idiots like you and the OP who are on the far right in the first fucking place. Thirteen million left wingers voted for a Jew as president you pathetically insincere little twat.

You possess such an irritating combination of narcissism, dishonesty and common goddamned stupidity.

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jamesbody(131) Disputed
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The facts of today are that a CNN survey of Europeans found a sizable chunk of the youth haven’t heard of the Holocaust

You literally can't even spell "sizeable" you daft bastard. Surveys about what Europeans have or have not heard of do absolutely NOTHING to support your idiotic and false narrative that it is the left responsible for anti-Semitism. You can't just deny a hundreds years of history and then come back with an anecdote about a random survey of Europeans. Fuck off. Idiot.

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