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Most Offensive Book Title

I want you guys to come up with your own.  I mean, really try to offend a bunch of different groups.

Because, really, there are none out there.  On a forum that i go to, we came up with "The Adventures of Black Nigger Faggot Jesus From the Future".  Shit like that.

But back to how there are none out there.  They try to come up with offensive titles, like a really pathetic attempt called "Crackhead Jesus".  pfft, dumbass attention whore.

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No room for cakes: the tale of a Nazi pastry chef during the holocaust

Side: All the ovens were full
1 point

The Forgotten Romance of Zombie Jesus and Muhammad the Asian Hooker.

Part III : Revenge of the Nazi Robots from Switzerland

Side: All the ovens were full
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Why Liberals Suck.

By: Jake Jones


Side: Why Liberals Suck
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You were only supposed to write the title, not the entire book.

Side: Why Liberals Suck