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 Most corrupt state in the nation? (10)

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Most corrupt state in the nation?

Well, which state do you think has the most corruption?  Try to get some evidence in there too.

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All of my life I've heard of the corruption in New Jersey but I know little, if anything about corruption in Vermont.

Side: New Jersey

The state of Illinois. Especially the politicians that come from the Chicago area ;)

Side: New Jersey
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Basically, our little state had more than 40 people, many of whom where prominent rabbis and even mayors in political office, where illegally selling body parts to each other, like organs and such, for themselves to stay alive in the future! I can't stand the corruption in this state and I think a lot of it stems from our governor, Jon Corzine. Hopefully, he will not win the election! Last time I checked, Chris Christie (I know dumb name), the Republican candidate, had about 50% of the voters' support. Corzine had less than 35%. :D

He genuinely makes me sick. He was against supporting volunteer EMTs and paramedics recently. The irony in this is the fact that a while back, he got into a really bad accident on the Parkway and do you know who saved his life? Volunteer EMTs and paramedics! How can he be so idiotic to go against and try to stop funding for these people who saved his own life!?!?!?!?

Supporting Evidence: 44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep (
Side: New Jersey
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We had a very good governor who was involved in a prostitution ring... oops.

But it gets better, the guy we replace him with is an incompetent idiot. Then we have a a coup in the senate and it becomes a 31-31 tie. Of course rather than settle this like civil people the senators decided that they would rather boycott voting all together, so just about every important issue(including nonpartisan) that needed to be passed were ignored.

But it gets better. When the governor decides to step in does he get them to negotiate? No. Does he allow the people to decide who should have the majority? No. Did he create a system that does not favor one side over the other unfairly? No. Instead he decides to be a dick and declare his own political party to be the majority by illegally appointing a democrat who will be able to vote in the senate... I think we were better off with the manwhore, at least he screwed prostitutes rather than the blind guy who screws democracy.

Side: New York

New York.

With all those people, there is sure to be corruption.

Side: New York
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Well then I guess you could say the same about California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, which tops off the 5 most populous states. ;) lol

Side: New York
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Especially California, from your list.

But I still say New York, what with all the crime - the Mafia - and all.

Side: New York
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I have a problem with Vermont constantly letting Pedophiles off the hook.

So Vermont.

Side: Vermont
Trudistian(99) Disputed
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I've just come off another debate where you said that. So please, provide some evidence you f-ing hater. Why should you decide what the punishment for a rapist is? Vermont is the least corrupt as shown by it's low amount of loyalty to the federal government.

Side: Vermont
ThePyg(6743) Disputed
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disloyalty to government does not equate not being corrupt.


Side: Vermont