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 Most intelligent people know politicians are corrupt, yet the Left wants more of the same. (3)

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Most intelligent people know politicians are corrupt, yet the Left wants more of the same.

Who does not know that these establishment politicians are corrupt and cater to lobbyists and those who give them money. HELLO?

Hillary has proven to be one of the most corrupt liars in Government, and those on the Left will STILL vote for her!

What kind of lame brain person would knowingly vote for more of the same? Democrats and those on the Left love BIG Government. They believe the Government can better spend our money. These closet socialists want to redistribute more and more of our money to pander to their voting blocks and you STILL vote for them? That makes you one of their voting blocks which means you are a sad excuse for an American who wants tax payers to support you.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you like paying higher and higher taxes to corrupt liars bought and paid for by lobbyists?

Republicans want to elect CONSERVATIVES who believe in SMALLER Government. Conservatives are the only ones possessing any intelligence! They understand the danger of our debt. They understand why men fought and died to gain freedom from Big Government control. The smaller the Government, the smaller the corruption and the more power to the people. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, but then again no one ever accused Liberals of being smart.
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Can you blame them? The Republicans have decided to nominate a man with the character of a 10 year old bully. You really expect patriots to vote for a such a national embarrassment? The Republicans have only themselves to blame if Hillary wins. They managed to find the only person in America who is disliked more than Hillary for their candidate. Kasich could have beat Hillary easily but Republicans didn't want a candidate who spoke with words that had more than two syllables.

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