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Most mass murdering capitalists were liberal capitalists


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Hungry cow

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Hello G:

I'm a capitalist. I'm also liberal. Is that why I carry a brick with me?


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I'm a capitalist.

Then you're living in the past. Why do you cling to the old ways instead of embracing the way of the future (socialistic technocracy) ?

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The way I look at it, "liberals" are usually no better than right wingers (I am on the extreme far left) and often have a poor understanding of what leftism is actually about. Most of those wank polishing jizz-pies just vote liberal/democrat because it sounds better, but in many ways they are the same as any conservative dick head, they just happened to go into a different echo-chamber. Every single political system currently operating has a status quo to maintain, despite party conflicts they have a core structure which all the mainstream parties uphold. Some parties may suck less than others in various ways, but if you live in a capitalist system then it is the core structure that is the fundamental problem, not whether you're a liberal or a conservative crapshitholist.

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