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Most memorable person in history ?

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Yeah. Definitely Jesus. He's the most famous person in history. People know of him from every corner of the world and from every culture on Earth.

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well, who do most people remember? probably Dr. Martin Luther King. I mean, that's the earliest figure i remember learning about in school... or maybe George Washington (but all we learned about him was that he was the first president).

Side: MLK
Prometheus(23) Disputed
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All I learned, in school, was his speeches. I have further extended my knowledge on him, but not in school. However, They taught me many things about George Washington, mostly from being a general in the Civil war. But the most memorable person I can think of would probably be Hitler. He did things NOBODY would ever dream of doing, he was amazing with words, and he was able to convince a whole country of people to think his way. He was evil, crazy, but also fascinating

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Yeah I gotta go with MLK. I think it was sort of the whole pride thing he had going on. I can connect.

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I would have to agree with some other in saying Adolf Hitler. Yes, MLK stood up for many African Americans, but that was in America. Adolf Hitler is world wide figure who has made his mark everywhere with his harsh beliefs and hostile takeovers.

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We're talking son of God here people..

Hitler? You gotta be kidding me!

Side: Jesus
Warlin(1212) Disputed
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Yes, Hitler. His was, to date, one of the most terrifying conquests in the entire world. He gathered the Germans together to... slaughter millions of innocent people.... Plus not everyone is you know... Christian.

Fear(Hitler) tends to stick in one's mind more than rationality(Jesus) anyways.

Side: Hitler

Hey Gurl! How ya be? I used to play a little mind game with a friend and make up who were the 10 most memorable people (deceased) that you would invite for dinner...CHECK IT OUT!

1. Jesus

2. Pontius Pilate

3. Adolph Hitler

4. Golda Meier

5. Pope John XXIII

6. Abraham Lincoln

7. Winston Churchill

8. Marilyn Monroe

9. Laurence Olivier

10. Mother Teresa

I always looked forward to a stimulating discussion!


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Since you didn't specify USA only, I'm gonna have to say Hitler. I'm sure Dr.King is mostly an american icon where Hitler is world wide.

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Jesus, the star of the "best selling book in the world, of all time". He is supposedly the son of "God", who would NOT know? Known, well, for over 2000 years now, how could anyone say Hitler or MLKjr without first thinking Jesus!?

I'm not even religious.

Side: Jesus

I have to go with the late JC. He's a kindred spirit in that we both share the same initials ;)

Side: Jesus
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I would have to agree with lawnman. "Memorable" is relatively subjective. Also, a few other comments, I know I'll catch hell for this, but hey, that's why I am here. First of all the bible is not "His" book. Jesus did not write it, nor did God, technically speaking. It is "God's word" inspired through the hands of prophets, scholars, mystics and other individuals through antiquity. It is a book not only about "Him", but also of numerous other interesting characters; Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, Mary, etc., etc., etc. Globally speaking, Jesus, is not known everywhere. According to my own narrow Judeo-Christian tradition views with 16 years of a catholic education, I can understand the point made by some and could argue it subjectively. However, many non-Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoist', (you see where I am going) might disagree with you on JC. I can also throw another monkey wrench and say that you are now including a fictional character as there is no historical factual proof that Jesus actually existed. It is one's faith that holds his existence and faith is undoubtedly subjective. I would say that the most infamously memorable person in history would be Adolf Hitler. He crosses the lines of race, and religion as well as generations.

Side: Memorable is Relative
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Hey Wolfman,

Had you chose the word "influential" in the stead of "memorable" you might of had a debate on your hands. Popularity contests evidence nothing more than subjectivity; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And in this contest, memorability is in the memory of the most biased preferences of certain individuals. I for one, could say without challenge: My father is the most memorable person in the history of which I study.

You might one day regret being in an alliance with me. I, on the other hand, don't mind sharpening your skills. Take it as such!

Side: my father
DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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Can you just put your opinion in for once? The title is the title. I have made a who is the most influential already, how are you sharpening my skills on the debate question? I knew what I put when I put it and I have already made a previous debate with the title who is the most influential. Stop saying ally in every single post! Nobody else does that. Do you not want to be my ally? You are saying that I might be regretting it when I am not in the least. Are you?

The most memorable person of all time in my opinion is Jesus. Everyone has heard of him, his book is the most sold book ever. No author comes close.

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I agree with the choice of Jesus, but he didn't write the Bible, he simply starred in it. There were many authors from before his time and after his time.

Side: Jesus
lawnman(1106) Disputed
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My opinion of your question and my opinion about your question are self-evident in my post. Why did you state: “Can you just put your opinion in for once?”?

“The title is the title” ?

A man is a man. A woman is a woman. The truth is the truth. A lie is a lie. The law is the law. So what!

The predication of the subject being the subject itself evidences ignorance of propositional arguments. Propositions, like those stated above, that affirm the subject as the predicate are circular in reasoning to say the least. They fail to affirm or deny any attribute of the subject. Another example: If we were to ask “What is man?” only an ignorant individual would reply: “A man is a man”. The proposition is circular; circularity in reason or debate is a failure to be logical.

Your question: Most memorable person in history?

The question is both vague and broad. I must ask many questions about the question itself before I can attempt to answer such a vague question. The question is stated in such a way that I am led to think that you didn’t comprehend the question itself as it is related to your intention. I think I understand what you are asking, but I should not respond by the presumption that I think I understand what you’re asking; I’ll simply answer the question without consideration of what I think you may be intending.

When I use the term “ally” I am bringing attention to the fact that I am not your teacher, nor your big brother. Moreover, as an ally, I will not do the thinking for you. To walk you word by word through every word of any statement you make would be an insult toward you. Moreover, as an ally I am not inclined to point out all of the flaws of your statements, let alone argue the validity of my assessments. I simply would like to see the evidences that you are thinking about what you are saying and considering the meaning of what you are communicating to others through your statements. Future usage of the term ally will denote the previous statements.

“The most memorable person of all time in my opinion is Jesus. Everyone has heard of him, his book is the most sold book ever. No author comes close.”

Memorable is defined as: worth remembering.

What happens when you modify the word “memorable” with the word “most”?

You may think that Jesus is the most, worth remembering. And if everyone in the world today has heard his name; are you therefore asserting that Jesus is worth remembering for them as well?

I’ll stop for now…

Side: Jesus