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Most people agree that putting down a pet is the right thing to do...

Most of us have had a pet that at some point we have faced a hard choice of putting a pet down because of suffering. And the pet was going to die anyways, we do the humane thing and take the suffering away. 


Well what I want to know is in humans who have a fatal illness where no amount of treatment eases pain and suffering and all we do is sit by and wait for time to take them from this life. Should we be able to make a choice to end our own life, assuming that we are of sound mind.. Should doctors be allowed to help a patient that is going to die anyways and let the patient decide when they go? When the pain. Is so bad and the suffering is so bad, why can't we choose to end our life in a way that is in the best interest of the person. We take our beloved pets who most people feel they are like children to us, and we take away there suffering.. So if we have this compassion for our pets? Why don't we have the same compassion for people. ? 

For assisted suicide

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I am for consensual euthenasia however of course it would have to be under specific circumstances to ensure that just not every suicidal person can opt for it.

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I am for consensual euthanasia because no one should be so miserable that they want to die. To forced someone to suffer is wrong in my humble opinion.

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I spelled humble correctly. .

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I feel that in this world, we are guaranteed at least two things. Our life, and our death. It's crazy to me that people can't kill themselves without the government trying to stop it.

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