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Most poor people are poor because they are stupid


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Most stupid people are stupid because they are poor .

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I agree. Some are so poor that they have to work in Trumps stupid coal mines and HAVE to remain stupid because the coal companies want to keep them that way. If they got an education, they'd leave. :-(

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SeverusSnape(172) Clarified
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When you grow up poor you are more likely to stay poor not only because you lack the privileges and access to business education that rich kids are handed through no merit of their own but also because you are forced into a cycle of debt and wage slavery just to keep a roof over your head. Intelligence plays less of a roll than those factors since even an idiot can understand the nature of business if they are well-studied and have the opportunity to even start a business in the first place. The poor are also more likely to be malnourished or have a negative experience of life both of which can negatively impact IQ, which in and of itself proves capitalism's lack of meritocracy as it actively forces people to be an inferior version of themselves then blames them for their own failures while handing more and more to the successful merit-free the more they climb the class ladder by exploiting the blood sweat, and ingenuity of the working class.

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