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Multilingualism has a positive effect on development of the state language.


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I don't really know about your question, but I think English should be our official language and all government communication should be in English only. That way we all are on the same page. It just makes sense.

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Hi I Disagree With You undo it if possible where will it meet i will find it you will have it times again

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I'm an actual dentist and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth

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1 point causes more complexity in the state of language.

Complexity is a barrier that the human race frequently working to destroy.

We just want it simple.

The simpler it is the faster we can be done with it, the faster we are, the quicker we'll be to simplify other complexities and so on and so forth.

Brilliant. Isn't it?

I hope this helps.


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No, 1 language as the accepted spoken language.

Its very frustrating when you cant understand someone, and frustrating for them also.

Having prople who are bilingual is helpful, so being bilingual is an advantage for job applicants.

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