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Murder and Molestation should be Punishable Crimes

Murder and Molestation should be Punishable

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Does this mean sexual molestation? If so then yes, both should be punishable.

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These are crimes, they of course are and should be punishable. Anyone acting in ways without the consent of the victim need action taken against them for the ease of the victims' pains and for the rehabilitation of the criminal in question.

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I don't quite see the reasoning behind which those who disagree are running their lines of argumentation.

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I completely agree and I believe that we should strive to have more consistency in our laws.

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Banana_Slug(845) Disputed Banned
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both of them are punishable already (if done on humans), so what is the point?

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Chuz-Life(497) Disputed
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The point is that there in an inconsistency in our laws when they say if a robber or drunk driver kills a child in the womb (even by accident)... they can be charged with murder but if the woman pays some hack doctor to kill it? It's anything less.

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[double post ]

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Murder yes in all circumstances.

Sexual molestation yes.

All molestation as defined legally: no.

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Chuz-Life(497) Clarified
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What about non sexual molestations that result in the death of the child?

Do you think they should be punishable?

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Atrag(5546) Clarified
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To some extent yes. But I don't necessarily include fetuses in that.

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