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 Well i have wrote this debate for the people who love music and are sick of the people that say "oh well this band is better" or " they suck, this artst or band kicks there ass" and tottaly missing the point of music-

to have fun and injoy. rather than argue about,

I mean isnt it all just opinion anyway if i dont like something you do im not going to bash it cuz im positive that i listen to something you dont like. and if i do listen to something i dont like i will still try to apriciat it for what it

if you are sick of hearing that crap then consider your self an aly.

music lovers

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people who argue about music

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I love almost all types of music and have no interest in arguing over who is good or better, since it's different for everyone.

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I love almost every style of music and I think almost all music has it's own good things. But I think there's also bad music, like commercial shit, screamo, heavy metal, hardcore, etc.

A few artists I listen to: Björk, Medina, Anouk, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Mylène Farmer, Maria Mena, and a alot more ^^.

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i just like music and dont really care who it is and sometimes i dont care what kind of genre it is I just like the music

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and isnt this going against what i have just wrote lol funny how shit like that works lol

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I don't think people can get together and not bash other people's music because it's just the way they are......Studip haterzzzzz....

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Kinda obvious what side a true musician would pick. I have this asshole at my school that does nothing but out down my music, and claims to love music more than me, but truly. I love it all.

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Well... I wont lie! But, I'm a bit of a critic of music but that doesn't keep me away from Music of any kind. I don't like certain singers but I definitely love their work and enjoy it. I guess it is wrong to be cynic!

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I love music soooo much!!! It is my life. I can't live without it. It brings me such joy to play a musical instrument that I love like flute. I love the sound of music. It makes my heart jump for joy. It energizes me. It excites me. I calms me.

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White Stripes and Rolling Stones forever bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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