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 Music Genre that you really hate? (10)

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Music Genre that you really hate?

  • Hip Hop/rap
  • Screaming music (excluding metal)
  • Metal (including subgenres)
  • Pop music
  • Old kind of musics
  • Techno

And why you hate it?

Add some or you can chose many.

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3 points

I fucking hate rap.

Yes, there can be beauty in this genre... but please... when was the last time anybody talked about anything but shooting and pimpin?

2 points


Uh yes, Country.

I cannot stand it.

I am a teen...

And i hate it.


Because to me it's all the same. Sappy love songs.

Breaking up and such.

And i understand most pop songs are about sex, getting laid and getting paid.

But i don't like Country or Techno.

Techno is just a repeat of beats that are annoying.

Pineapple(1448) Disputed
2 points

It takes a certain type of person to love country, and that's someone with life experience.

Country is about lovin', making memories, relaxing, and remembering....

And kicking some dirt bag out of the double wide... but it really does take some life experience to appreciate the beauty in singing about smashing up a dirtbag's truck.

The beauty of country is that I can meet, fall in love with my fiance all over again, and see my future in five or six songs...

1 point

I like everything and hate anything depending on the mood im in.

My days as a kid still has me singing along to some really cool old and even "daggy" songs.

Freddy Mercury rip. Amazing David Bowie , i may as well not go on , i mean we are talking a long list of talented people from those eary days When you HAD to be able to actually sing.

A fews years back i went and saw the Radiators , at first they played new songs and i thought "who the fuck are these guys?" Glad i stuck around though as , Just as the next drink was starting to tip me , they got into the old hits.I forgot how cheeky they were. Fess thru his pick off stage at the end , i asked his roady Roley to get him to sign it . He said no , but signed my arse instead .They also asked me to come party but my paranoid sis would not let me go with them grrr .i still wimper about this.

Meatloaf BAT OUT OF HELL ALBUM the whole entire album...also the live uncut album.

And although i thought "how could you" when i caught his last concert here as i passed the telly but naked after a shower ,at how slow and droll it sounded , he still had me glued to the screen. I love him.(also The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my favourite movies , i love him in that too)

I adore sexy Alecia Moore aka Pink , I equally adore Lilly Allen , cannot resist the voice of Amy Lee , etc etc etc love the women out there today.and the; emminem

Maddonna is so damned talented and has come so far from where it all started. I very rarely cry over the death of a celeb or royalty , but i will shed tears for her.

My highscool days had a lot of headbanging , collisions,but apparently it knocked no sense in me as i still like to have a good old scream all night long. AC/DC , ANGELS , WASP , METTALICA(MY PET).etc My adult son listens too some really hardcore stuff , Reach, Cradle of Filth ,Within Temptation , Darkthrone, Nightwish,etc, some of its pretty good , some is just twisted, and some i tell him to stop it from roufucwurounkingrouwww screaming at me.

Strangley , although i was a house /techno/ acid freak when i was a young underage teen up oxford st exchange hotel and other various clubs , Dush,dushing , and doopdooping, and LAZER etc noises etc annoy the crap out of me now.On traffic light congested rds , i feel like getting out of our car and puncturing the doosh-mobils trye pumping beside us , just to get distance.

without music i would wither and die , and i dont care if people dont like me singing along , i get into it all. EVEN IF THE MUSIC AINT PLAYING.

Oh please, for the love of god, country singers, SHUT UP! Those "soulful" ballads, the acoustic guitar, the twinges of accent. I will break your acoustic guitar over your pickup truck and cover it all with molasses if you don't shut your mouth.

Side: Country

What type do I hate? It would be easier for me to say this: I like Classical and Pop music from the 1950s and earlier. Out of all modern music, I really hate rap and hip hop. It isn't music, it's a bunch of noise and lyrical slang.

Side: RAP
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Personally, I can't stand country music, you know it increases suicide rates.

Side: Country

Country music because the majority of the genre's songs are either about God, beer, women, fields, or trucks. there is not much diversity.

Side: Country

I don't care for Jazz. I could never get into that genre of music. It seems jaded to me.

Side: Country
1 point

Hip Hop/Rap

Commercial pop music after 1985 or so

R&B;after 1980 or so

Screaming or "Death" Metal - anything with growling


Side: Country