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Why not? Of course not
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Music teachers, real teachers?

Why not?

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Of course not

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Teachers teach. Music teachers teach music so yes they are teachers.

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A music teacher is a "teacher." Regardless of what subject one teaches, if any at all, they are still a teacher.

1.: one that teaches; especially : one whose occupation is to instruct

(Webster's Dictionary)

Subject plays no part in the title.

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Well, they certainly aren't fake teachers...

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Anyone can be a teacher, it just depends what you want to learn. Sure they aren't teaching you information you need but how boring is a life with nothing but the essentials?

No gourmet meals, just bread and water.

No fiction books, just science text books and a dictionary.

No colors, just black and white.

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Of course they are...why else would they be in school? If you think about it the music teachers don't just sit their and watch you or pick their nails! They TEACH you how to play an instrument!

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Teachers teach.

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