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 Muslim Teen who claimed Trump Supporters assaulted her arrested for lying (14)

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Muslim Teen who claimed Trump Supporters assaulted her arrested for lying

The 18-year-old Muslim college student who claimed three men shouting “Donald Trump” called her a terrorist and attempted to rip off her hijab on the New York subway has been arrested for filing a false report. Yasmin Seweid repeatedly insisted that the story was true but on Wednesday as police detectives became more suspicious about the veracity of her tale she recanted citing family problems. A police source defended the arrest stating. This isn’t something we normally like to do but she had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story. We dedicated a lot of resources to this and don’t get me wrong this is what we do but we had guys going back and forth looking for video and witnesses and we couldn’t find anything. Nothing happened and there was no victim.

More false claims by the Poor Little Snowflakes that inhabit the Progressive / Left !

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I wonder when the MSM, who reported this as a true story, will report that she was a liar...? Never.

I don't think retractions are part of their repertoire.


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Main Stream Media supports the liars in this country. It is a must to push the narrative that no one buys into anymore and they wonder why they are irrelevant and laughed at.

I read that story about a week ago and wondered why there were no videos, or witnesses to said event. The MSM didn't seem to care about supporting evidence, only that it supported their false narrative of Muslims being victims and Trump supporters being racist, bigoted etc.

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Main Stream Media has the need to support the lies of Muslims in this country.

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Of course I think what she did was wrong, and she should be fully prosecuted for doing it.

What in particular though makes a Muslim teen automatically a "Progressive"? How many Muslims do you know who are all about civil rights? In actuality, a Muslim who lashes out at the West is a conservative. They're just not the same kind of conservative as a Christian right winger.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Tell me all the Muslims that are all about civil rights. Now this will be very interesting to hear you tell.

Grenache(6103) Disputed
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That's exactly my point. Muslims are not Progressives. You blew it.

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More Progressive lies exposed and a Muslim arrested for lying.

Atrag(5553) Disputed
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So you think she is a communist eh? Please do show me some evidence for that. I would love to see it. Can you do that?

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Communist ? Did i make mention of the false claim you have so stated ?

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Honestly this is probably the first time I've heard of it, but if she truly did lie then she should be prosecuted, no doubt. The police spent A LOT of time and resources trying to help her and go after the people she claimed assaulted her, she needs to be chucked in jail then made to pay a good number of fines. I tend to think people learn better when their wallets hurt a little for such behavior, but maybe that's just me.