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Muslims That Oppose Christmas etc.

So every Christmas time, we always hear and see on the news or wherever muslims putting Christmas down saying how they don't believe in it blah blah blah, "Sorry Christmas, I'm a Muslim" poster etc.

So then, why do they get to enjoy the holidays?  Muslims should still have to go to work.  They will proclaim how they deny and put down Christmas, yet they are happy to enjoy the holidays and free time.

Same goes for Good Friday or Easter Sunday or any other Christan holiday on the calendar....muslims shouldn't have a holiday and they should still go to work or school.

I could say the same vice versa.  If there were any red letter days that were for Muslims, non-Muslims should not have the benefit either of enjoying a holiday on their religious days.

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It wouldn't work. Many people would just start claiming to be every religion to get those days off. Of course the holidays stemmed from Christianity, and many Atheists and Muslims will pretend they didn't, but either you have nationally recognized holidays or you don't.

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Well, some religions will have more or less holiday time than others, so if certain people are allowed more paid time off because of their religion it would be unfair.

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muslims shouldn't have a holiday and they should still go to work or school.

Hello l:

The only thing Muslims should do is ENJOY the freedom they have to practice their religion as they choose, just like you..


FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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The problem is that when true Muslim's practice their religion, it includes killing innocent people who do not believe as they believe.

Balrog(64) Disputed
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If you can get enough of them over here, you won't be given the same privilege in return.

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The hard working, non-Christian Chinese don't celebrate Christmas but they respect the event and those who wish to celebrate of the birth of Christ, especially when they're selling you a chicken chow mein with crispy noodles.

Along with their fleas and pots and pans Muslims brought with them a hatred for Christianity and it's traditions.

Every time you see a Muslim be conscious that he/she despises you, your religion and your way of life and that they are dedicated to replacing democracy and Christianity with the repressive and barbaric Sharia laws of Islam.

KrutonHybrid(74) Disputed
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they are dedicated to replacing democracy and Christianity

Ah, I see. Christianity is democratic is it? That must be why The Bible tells Christians to slaughter homosexuals, non-believers, followers of different faiths, fortune tellers, witches, insolent children and adulterers.

Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Can you not read fool?

I said, ''replacing democracy and Christianity''.

The two words are separate and not intrinsically linked.

Try to understand that if I said I intend to replace my car and my wife for a villa in the South of France that they my wife and car have no relation to each other whatsoever.

Your over enthusiastic lust to find fault has only served to graphically illustrate your low grade intellect.

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So show us Jesus commanding us to do any of the above. I'll wait.

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Good responses, fair points. But I still don't see it. Logically doesn't make sense. For example, let's say you are working a job that requires 5 people you have to split $1250 five ways when the job is complete. 4 of the 5 people do the work and work very hard to earn their portion of the pay. The other one did absolutely nothing, just played video games on his smartphone. So when the job is completed and the group receives their $1250 pay, why should everyone equally receive $250 including that 1 guy who did no work for it?

That's how I see it. Doesn't make sense that muslims who did nothing for Christianity and oppose all of it's holidays can still benefit from the days off and relax, have fun, enjoy life on the backs of a Christian holiday.

Same goes the opposite way. I would not feel right if I was benefiting a free paid holiday based on someone else's history that I oppose and am against.

Here's another example. Let's say you are all opposed to Nazi Hitler Day. It's a national holiday and everyone gets the day off, paid vacation. Would you think it's fine for anti-Nazi folks to have that day off, get paid on Nazi Day? It seems that if you truly are anti-Nazi, you would not take the day off and benefit from it for something you truly are against and oppose.