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My DNA IS 97% Sunni Muslim You Science Deniers. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

Ex Con Is Retarded

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Ex Con Is Beyond Retarded.

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Hello again, haters/science deniers::

Lemme just reprint my last post..

I’m an atheist. I’ve never said I wasn’t an atheist. DNA doesn’t test for religion. It can’t test for religion. Religion is a notion, an idea, a belief. It cannot be tested for.

Therefore, the science you DENY is that DNA confirms that Jews are a race. I dunno why that frightens you so. I don't know if it’s hatred of the Jews or a disbelief in science, but it’s one of the two and probably both.


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Hey science DENIERS,

Why are you arguing with DNA?

DNA is science. Therefore I am 97% Sunni Muslim.

You MUST agree with me otherwise you HATE Muslims.

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