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My DNA test said I'm 97% Jewish. People here say I'm NOT. Who should I believe?


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We have VERY smart people here

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Good ol' science! Barring that, if you look like a Jew, walk like a Jew, talk like a Jew, you're probably a Jew! Then there's (or was), Sammy Davis Jr.......... ;-)

Anyway, "Be all that you can be". (But DON'T be a conservative, ...PLEASE!)


You can't really argue with science, unless it was a scam DNA test or just a fake one for laughs. Other than that, who cares if they think you aren't jewish? It's your life to live, so live it!


DNA is definitely much more reliable than people in almost every situation. Also, considering we have people like NumberOne, Antrim, and AlofRI here, I wouldn't say this site is the most reliable for determining ethnicity.

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DNA is definitely much more reliable than people

Then why are you listening to a moron who is trying to convince you that Jewish is a DNA group?

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That's a good point. I accept that I've made an error in judgement. A+ for changing my mind.

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Why do you care what knuckle dragging zombie morons think?

I'm pretty sure you don't and are just playing with them like I do. It's all about the entertainment, right?

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I'll start by saying if you're telling the truth then clearly you're right.

But then again consider:

1) Your DNA tester may have never done the tests and just faked the results just like Annie Dookhan did with drug crime evidence. Hey, it's possible.

2) Maybe your sample was contaminated at the time it was taken. Saliva could contain someone else's DNA if you take it right after French kissing a person 97% Jewish. Hair samples might come from them if you collect it during reach around sex.

3) It could be a practical joke. Maybe some White Supremacist at the testing lab is laughing his @ss off because he knows he tricked you into believing you're a Jew.

4) Maybe it's a misunderstanding of terminology. Maybe when they said you were Jewish they truly meant the ish part, meaning you're just a walking example of a stereotypical Jew even though you're not really one.

See, see, there are scenarios you may not have considered.

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Ex-Con, I have explained this to you no less than ten times.

Jewish is not a DNA group. The Ashkenazi Jews are the sons and daughters of prehistoric European women who converted to the religion of Judaism 2,000 years ago. I have literally proved this to you ten times and your only response has been the type of petty, obnoxious trolling I would expect from FactMachine, Dermot or MathFan.

Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in the north Mediterranean around 2,000 years ago and later in west and central Europe.

Now, I want you to explain to me how one "converts" their DNA to Jewish. Be my guest.

Whoever has given you this supposed "DNA test", ask for your money back. You have not been given a real one.

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excon(13716) Disputed
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Hello again science denier,

Prior to today I’ve done no research on your ridiculous claims because, of course, they’re ridiculous. However, in addition to the test I already took, today I went to 23 and me, and several others and asked if my Jewishness would show up in my DNA?

Guess what fuck stick?


excon(13716) Disputed
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Jewish is not a DNA group..

Hello Jew hater and science denier:

Well, according to SCIENCE, it IS... I dunno HOW to learn ya with some science, but I'm gonna keep on trying... Somehow, I KNOW I'm gonna see your Jewish hating posts again, and then again, and then even once more...

Why don't you tell me WHY you are SOOOOO OBSESSED with me being a Jew??? You could tell me that you're Catholic and I wouldn't give a shit.. Clearly my being an atheist AND a Jew really, really UPSETS you..

I can't imagine WHY that is except that you have a deep seated HATRED for Jews of ANY kind..