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 My first day of high school is tomorrow... Any Advice? (20)

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My first day of high school is tomorrow... Any Advice?

Okay I'm starting school tomorrow as a freshman. I'm kind of nervous. 

Does anyone have any advice?

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Enjoy it! I'm starting my last year of high school tomorrow and it still feels exciting. Trust me, this will be the best year because you don't have to worry about annoying freshman like in the other three years ;)

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have fun. the teachers will probably tell you how its time to get serious and worry about the future. they're lying. high school is easily THE most amazing part of life. ;)

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Totally. This is basically the last chance you really have to be a kid, you still have the support of your parents and few worries.

Don't be afraid to express yourself and talk to a lot of people! That will make it an awesome experience.

Intangible(4933) Disputed
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high school is easily THE most amazing part of life.

Whaaat? High-school was terrible for me. I spent most of my time fending off idiots and degenerates. When I was not doing that I was sitting in detention all day for something that a bunch of kids conspired upon then blamed me for it.

No wonder I feel so empty inside. I missed out on something that was apparently suppose to be amazing.

Jungelson(3959) Clarified
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Oh wow great advice for Hannah... No pressure or anything..

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you probably went though the bad part. although i didn't imagine it t be so bad. :/ they've been pretty amazing for me really.

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I actually start my first day of the new semester tomorrow. I'm in college, though.

I'd say if you're in high school, not to worry at all. It'll be fine.

It's just another day at school.

You go to class you go to lunch you go home.

Just act like you normally would at school.

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f you got lost look at your schedule

watch out for those kids who wear all black they are scary its best to not make eye contact

if someone looks at you with an angry face just smile :)

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If you're worried about meeting new people remember that everyone else is in the same boat you are. Sometimes you just have to take the initiative and start a conversation.

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Take it easy. However, start thinking what you want to do when you graduate and start looking at scholarships and etc. so when you do become a Junior or Senior you are already ahead of everyone else. When you are in your Junior year start visiting colleges that you want to go to based on what you will do in the future. Take note of all community service hours for scholarships.

I wish I did all of that.

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If you are lost, make sure you ask a teacher. Don't ask an upper classmen. They like to point freshmen in the wrong direction and get them lost.

Biggest thing to remember is do NOT let someone's appearance put you off. Give everyone a chance. There are plenty of jerks, that's a given, but don't assume just because a kid dresses like a prep or emo or goth that you won't like them. I had really amazing friends in every group, and I got flack about it from some people, but I didn't care because I had great friends. Also, join an extracurricular activity...or three! Sports are always good, drama was fun, journalism lets you get to meet a bunch of people-in and out of school (especially if you interview local bands - then you can get in anywhere). High school is what you make it - if you worry about what everyone else thinks, it will suck. If you just care about what you think, it's amazing. Oh, and rumors. Those can get really bad, so I started rumors about myself, really fun ones, and turned it into a game. It made it so that I could laugh at the people who believed that crap, and was friends with the people who didn't.

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Okay, so freshman in high school..... I think the proper dosage is two ounces of brandy (or 'cognac', if its a private school) in 12 ounces of coffee, sipped on consistently until lunch, then shotgun a beer in the parking lot during lunch, then blaze a joint on the walk home. Or at least that is what got me through, the first half of, my freshman year; dosages go up.

(This is meant to be facetious. Just say no, kids..... Also, stay in school.)

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You'll be fine. As long as you be yourself. Freshmen year in high school will be awesome! I loved going to high school but a word of advice is don't slack off on your work and studies. I wish I didn't slack off my freshmen year. I still have 2 years left of high school left and I know it's going to go by fast.

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well? how was it ? :D

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It was pretty good! I didn't embarrass myself, I pretty much flew under the radar.

The only thing was me and a couple friends managed to piss off some seniors... But overall it went okay! :)

The homework load was a lot different than I expected.

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Trust your instincts and study. :)

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I'm a sophomore but I would recommend not to fuck with anyone older than you LOL!