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My theory on mythology

You all say the mind can imagine some crazy things, but can it imagine something we have never seen before, or can it only picture what it has seen? If it is the former, that wouldnt make sense, how can you imagine something you have never come across? Sure we have never seen a floating spaceship shooting lasers in a black hole, but we have seen spaceships, whcih came from birds, we have seen shots fired from guns, we have seen the power of energy, coming from lightning, and we know that there are things with huge gravitational pulls, so we could add those all together and form something we have "never seen" BUT.

If the mind is the latter, then that would make more sense, as primitive cavemen, we would never have seen anything that could even closely resemble god, unless it showed itself to us, we could have never come up with such a complex, such a magnitudal force of being able to do everything, we dont see that today anymore, so what would it have been back then? What could we possibly have witnessed that led us to believe there is a concious, intelligent force behind everything? I highly doubt we just "imagined it up" We must have encountered something of divine nature, that doesnt mean its an angry old man, that is just the human characteristics we gave it, it is not a human thing, its something much greater than us...

What do you guys think?

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I think I mythed the point of this whole debate... You lost me after just reading the title, LOL!! :)

Dazed and Confused...

Star Wars... Is that pure imagination, or did Ewoks reveal themselves to George Lucas at some point in time? Avatar... Did mystical indians really reveal themselves to James Cameron? Spiderman... Did Stan Lee encounter a web-slinging boy who was the victim of a freak accident? Is it your supposition that everything imagined had at some point revealed itself to those who imagined it?

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star wars: we have ancient stories of star people, ewoks resemble bears, we have seen bears and we have seen little people... avatar... we have seen "ancient star people" (the stories are passed down through generations) we also have encountered indians and we went through a period in time which much resembles the story of that movie.... spiderman.... there are stories of mythical heros, and we have seen spiders too, so why not put a hero and a spider together and make a spiderman? yes that is exactly my supposition, all imaginations are a collection of things we have seen before

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I don't know of many (read: Any) mainstream Gods that aren't imagined in some form to resemble man or animals, the very things that have been present since the inception of deism.

As for those that aren't; It's human nature from a socio-evolutionary point of view to empathize with fellow beings, this in turn, I posit, leads to inanimate objects being anthropomorphized. Thinking bad weather is 'angry' and the sun's light to be 'benevolent'. It's this kind of thinking that leads to the belief that elements of nature are endowed with spirits, as thought by numerous hunter-gatherer tribes still present in the world today.

I believe this covers all notions of Gods and supernatural beings that have the form of man, animals or formless spirits to be explainable ends of the human psyche and observed qualities of the world.

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The fact is that Kratos killed all the Greek Gods and paved the way for a new religion; Christianity.

The End.

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The Ontological theory doesn't work precisely because there's been no version of god which was new.

Simply saying "something than which nothing greater can exist" does not imply necessarily some experience of this thing. It is exaggeration of our knowledge, one of the tools our imagination uses.

In fact this theory does more to disprove experience of a god than to prove it precisely because the human mind is incapable of pure creation--that we are not capable of making something up from nothing.

Knowing that every single thing we call imagination is just combinations, exaggerations, extensions, dissections, etc of things we've perceived shows for a fact we do not have knowledge of any such being. If experience of said being leads to knowledge as this theory puts forth, it actually proves by the theories own (albeit faulty) foundation that we've never experienced a god.

And while I cannot disprove via this theory all the Zeus's and Apollos and other non-all powerful beings, I can for a certainty disprove the Christian infinite version of god using this popular theory's own rules.

Here's proof god does not exist if we base proof solely on premise your argument is valid:

Imagine infinity and you cannot do it.

Is that absolute proof this particular type of god does not exist?

Of course not because the argument is fundamentally flawed.

It does prove the argument does the opposite of its intent though.

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imagining infinity is actually very easy, no beginning or end is alot easier than you would think, this is what the shamans studied, infinite past and infinite future, endless cycles of infinite universes being created forever, infinite possibilities, infinite is something easily graspable, it just seems impossible

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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No, you described infinity (and only two directions of it when there would be infinite directions of it... and CD nor all of the internet have the capacity for you to describe this in whole). You cannot imagine it. This is a fact of the human condition. You imagining that you are imagining infinity only shows you've never truly tried to grasp the concept of infinite beyond the generic surface... It's impossible I promise you.

Emperor(1348) Disputed
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I doubt you have ever done infinitesimal calculus in your life.

Infinity is not quite so easy to imagine, and is in fact impossible simply because you lack the brain cells. Not an insult because unless you have infinite brain cells, you cannot imagine infinity. Perhaps the concept of it, but really, it is a very large and rather useless number. Most things in reality are not infinite, except perhaps how stupid people can be.

I think imagination is wonderful. Imagination can open the doors to marvelous inventions.