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 NASCAR owners will fire Drivers and Crew if they kneel during National Anthem (11)

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NASCAR owners will fire Drivers and Crew if they kneel during National Anthem

NASCAR owners indicated Sunday they will not tolerant drivers or crew who kneel during the National Anthem.
NASCAR champion and legend Richard Petty who owns Richard Petty Motorsports made it very clear.
He would fire any member of his team the chooses to kneel for the National Anthem.
Richard Childress who owns Richard Childress Racing made his point as well any member of my team will receive the same fate.
He even doubled down on it by saying I'll get you a ride on a Greyhound Bus.
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NASCAR owners, drivers and employees have figured out what Lefties fail to grasp. Any sort of protest failing to honor our flag or our national anthem is miss guided in it's tactic and does nothing to gain support for their cause.

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The loony left throughout the free world refuse to accept the results of democratic elections.

In America it's sports people, and now NASCAR, not respecting the national anthem whilst in Germany, where the Nationalist ( anti immigration ) party gained its first seats ever, saw ugly street demonstrations, reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts of the 1930s, against the duly elected politicians to the Bundestag.

These dangerous leftie insurgents are like spoiled children who have a tantrum and lie on the floor screaming when things don't go their way.

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The comments from NASCAR owners come as the NFL struggles for its survival as its fan base becomes increasingly fractured over the disrespect shown by multi-millionaire athletes who are kneeling in solidarity with victims of some alleged oppression.

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We have always known that Liberals hate America. Kneeling during our National Anthem is the Left coming out of the closet.

As we watch avowed Socialists running for the Democrat Party's nomination, we are seeing their true colors coming out.

Kneeling has cost the NFL over 30% of its viewers. If you want your business to go bankrupt... kneel. Skin it. See what happens.

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I thought right wingers loved the Constitution.. No, huh??


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The Constitution protects NASCAR as a business who can hire and fire for any reason.

We can support your right to protest and quit supporting businesses and products that are anti flag at the same time. It's like magic.

Are you suporting an open prayer in Jesus' name at the Superbowl this year? No? I thought you loved the Constitution...

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NASCAR is a business just like the NFL is and their contracts are either written in a way to allow or to not allow. If it's in the rights of the owner to fire for not participating correctly in the national anthem then that's up to the owner.

As a proponent of free speech I disagree with punishing people for expressing themselves, but I don't hold the contracts or own the enterprise.