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NFA being challenged under Bruen structure

Ladies and whatevers: when it comes to nullifying federal level gun control, this is the big one. 

Skip this paragraph if you've heard of the NFA. For those of you unaware: the 1934 National Firearms Act was passed in 1934 by FDR (may that autocratic despot rot in hell), and sought to impose a "tax" on machine guns, suppressors, and short barrel rifles and shotguns. "Tax" is under heavy quotations because it was a deliberate effort to make these firearms and accessories unattainable to the common citizen. Whereas a simple double barrel shotgun might cost you five or ten dollars in 1934, the cost to cut the barrel down below 18 inches was two hundred dollars, not to mention exorbitant waiting periods and registration. This was ratified by the supreme court (packed to rubber stamp FDR's policies, many of which we still suffer for today) in 1939 in United States v. Miller, based on the lie that the defendant's gun rights weren't violated as the short barrel shotgun had never been used by any military. Fast forward to 1968, and one of the provisions of the GCA (Gun Control Act) was to add destructive devices (explosives and firearms with a caliber above .5" "with no sporting purpose" despite the Miller decision explicitly being based on protecting non-sporting purposes) under the scope of the NFA. Finally in 1986 the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) was passed to protect gun owners in transit through states with restrictive gun laws... And the only shit anyone still gives about that law is in reference to the clause that bans the registration of machine guns under the NFA, effectively making it legally impossible for the average citizen to obtain a machine gun produced prior to 1986. Oh, and remember how that $200 is just a "tax"? You might be saying that $200 is no big deal in today's money. Unfortunately, definitions for what is and is not an NFA item have become so obscure that you might not even know if you're in violation of the law. Now, here's your homework: find any other modern example of a $200 tax where the federal government will raid and destroy your home, and kill your family members over the *alleged* ownership of tax-controlled items. 

History lesson over. With the Bruen decision passed down two weeks ago, as well as a decisive end to Chevron deference from American Hospital Association v. Beccera, we already have motions filed in lower courts to throw out NFA violations and declare the NFA unconstitutional. 

TLDR: There are solid cases in the works to make machine guns, suppressors, SBRs, pretty much every kind of gun you can imagine, legal again. And the government is going to have a hell of a time preventing that under current legal precedent. 

Fuck the Authoritarian Treasonous Faggots, and have a nice day.
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First thing I'm gonna do when the NFA is turned over is put a stock on my daughter's 10/22 pistol, convert it to full auto, and build a suppressor. She turned 4 last week, happy late birthday kid.

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we already have motions filed in lower courts to throw out NFA violations and declare the NFA unconstitutional.


Cool.. Does that mean I'll be able to buy my very own Apache Helicopter??? I'd also like one of those Wart Hogs, please.. I LOVE Gatling guns..


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Fuck yeah! Now you're getting it! Well, assuming that you can deal with the price tag, you're getting it.

excon(17402) Disputed
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Fuck yeah! Now you're getting it!

Hello S:

So, with the nation on edge, you think the courts will unleash the weapons of war???

Dude! You're bonkers.


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In preparation for the transfer of NFA control, I plan to convert my daughter's 10/22 pistol to full auto, install a stock, and construct a suppressor. Last week she turned 4, so belated birthday wishes to you.

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