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 NFL Players considering sitting out the season "Until Colon Stupidnick Is Signed" (4)

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NFL Players considering sitting out the season "Until Colon Stupidnick Is Signed"

According to the sometimes reliable Shaun King(BLM) several star NFL players are considering sitting out this season unless former 49'ers second-string quarterback Colon Stupidnick and fellow national anthem protester Eric Reid are signed to teams.
King reported Sunday that these same star players aim to get 25% of the league participating in their boycott.

Stupid Shawn does not understand money LMMFAO
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Go ahead and do it. No one is watching anyway.

Keep on digging that hole NFL.

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Well bye bye. Maybe those will be replaced with players that actually want to play the game.

I will be watching Johnny Football light up the CFL . Great exciting football and they aren't whining millionaires talking about how oppressed they are.

These people are so stupid. They wont have a season if people keep boycotting the games

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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Understand that the Progressives playing football are completely unaware of were the money comes from. They are Negros that will not help their communities.

Good. Let them all go work at Wal-mart, and play someone who will play. They do understand we can watch college football?....