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I have just read in an Australian newspaper that Obama is due to visit Oz in a few weeks.
However he is apparently rumoured to cancel for a second time.
- Why is he coming?
- How much does it cost American and Australian tax payers for this venture?
- How much has it cost the American and Australian tax payers for the previous scheduled trip to Oz that was cancelled?
 PS- Obama , stay home.

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I don't think it's particularly a bad thing. It's never bad to prove foreign relations right? Sure there are better things to be doing, but at least he's not on vacation(1).


1: see former president George Bush for more information.


also, it's good to see you're still alive.

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I know nothing of politicians other that they"re sitting pretty cooshy and cosy at the tax-payers expense.

Yeh ,im still kicking.

Only the good die young. :)

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id rather him trying to improve foreign relations, i mean, over here in Britain the large majority of the people i know think little of America because of bush.

Side: its a good thing