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NYC restaurant industry jobs evaporate after $15/hr wage sets in

NYC restaurant industry jobs evaporate after $15/hr wage sets in

the law of unintended consequences has come roaring into play. They feature the story of one taco and tequila joint on the upper west side that’s been doing a thriving business for a quarter of a century. But now it’s all coming to an end, and they’re far from the only restaurant feeling these effects.

Leftism fails in reality test

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But mein intentions

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NYC restaurant industry jobs evaporate after $15 an hour wage sets in

Hello R,

If a restaurant can’t survive in New York City without paying slave labor wages, fuck ‘em.


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restaurants are adding surcharge to bills as a result of minimum wage increase

Hello P: Reprint

I've been in business for 40 years... Costs are ALWAYS going up... That would be ALWAYS.. A business owner absorbs these costs or he raises prices.. He doesn't BLAME somebody for it. He doesn't put a "surcharge" on shit, because he'd be putting surcharges on shit every other week.. If his customers can't or won't pay the new price, the owner goes bankrupt.. Happens all the time..

Does a restaurant owner BLAME the trash company when they raise their prices??? No.. Does he BLAME the coffee growers when coffee goes up? No.. Does he BLAME the meat guy, the produce guy, or the electric company when their prices go up? No..

He bucks up, raises his prices and doesn't blame a soul.. He stays in business, or he doesn't.. Who cares? If he closes, another business will open.. Yawn..


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That $15/hr. is equivalent to the minimum wage paid in the mid 60's. Time the capitalists shared some of the profits they've made over the last 50 years with the people that allowed it! Wages for the "workers" have gone up a few percentage points while the capitalist's profits have gone up well over 300%! If the jobs have "evaporated" it's likely that's because, when you walk in there's an AI screen waiting for your order, or if you sit down there's another 8x5 inch "waitress" on the table waiting to take your order! One that doesn't need to pay other capitalists rent … or feed it's family with the high priced food produced by corporate farms …. that are subsidized with the tax money those evaporating workers pay …. while the taxes go UP on them, and DOWN for the ones who pay them minimum wages. AHHH, capitalism! ;-)

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If you can't afford to pay your staff then you can't afford to run a restaurant :) Tough love.

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NYC restaurant industry jobs evaporate after $15/hr wage sets in

If greedy restaurant owners want to put themselves out of business by not hiring staff or paying them a fair wage then why should hard-working Americans care?

Your corporate propaganda is just really, really stupid. You actually expect ordinary people to feel guilty about getting fair pay for their work?

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