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 NYT Columnist: "Form of White Privilege" for Iowa to "Vote First" (11)

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NYT Columnist: "Form of White Privilege" for Iowa to "Vote First"

A progressive columnist wants you to sop up another drop of wisdom: Iowa and New Hampshire voting first is actually racist. 
According to New York Times opinion writer David Leonhardt: 
The strongest part of the case for change, of course, is the racial aspect of the current calendar. Iowa and New Hampshire are among the country’s whitest states. About 6 percent of their combined population is black or Asian-American. Almost 87 percent is non-Hispanic white, compared with 60 percent for the country as a whole. Demographically, Iowa and New Hampshire look roughly like the America of 1870.
In truth, the whiteness of Iowa and New Hampshire matters. Consider that Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were doing as well as Amy Klobuchar in early polls of more diverse states; they led Pete Buttigieg in some polls. But Booker and Harris are finished, in no small part because of their struggles in Iowa and New Hampshire. Klobuchar and Buttigieg still might break out.

The Leftist have again showed that they are all about Identity Politics.
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So what do the Commie/Democrats not find racist really is the question.

Are White Democrats viewed as being racist by their own party.

Bananaz(66) Disputed
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Because Communists are totally known for being bought and payed for by corporations. Being in bed with the rich like the Democrat party is, central to Communism.

Chinaman(2969) Clarified
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Are White Democrats racist for just being white. Can you answer that.

Chinaman(2969) Clarified
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David Leonhardt is a White Progressive. Does the White Progressive dislike that he was born white. David Leonhardt is just another Confused Commie/Democrat.

It's just another race-baiter race-baiting, that's all. Move along, folks, there's nothing new to see here.

That was easy. Next?

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Like most caucasians I'm very happy in my white shin.

If this dummy is suffering from some form of self-loathing condition or guilt complex that's his problem. He should therefore deal with it without implying that we should all hang our heads in a feigned display shame.

If he feels so conscience-stricken about his SO CALLED ''WHITE PRIVILEGE'' why doesn't he resign from his job and ensure that his position is filled by a black person.

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NYT Columnist: "Form of White Privilege" for Iowa to "Vote First"

Hello poochy boy:

Wow.. Looks like a white power movement over here..

We got you, Outlaw, who got banned for calling Obama a pet nigger, and Antrim, who's hiding behind the name Kilcom these days. He got banned for calling black people Bongos... He's easily recognizable, though by his slavish love of his white skin, and his racist lists..

Dude! Looks like a wonderful gathering, indeed..

Now, fetch this stick...


Chinaman(2969) Clarified
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Black Democrat Jew at least you are not White because you said you would kill yourself if you were white.

Chinaman(2969) Clarified
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The Democrat is seeing a White Power Movement in it's mind but what happened to the Russians there you Black Democrat Jew.