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Name a Commonly Accepted Truth that is Wrong

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1) "You should drink 8 glasses of water a day." Drinking only when you are thirsty is enough to keep you hydrated.

2) "Humans have 5 senses." We have a lot more, like your ability to balance and spacial awareness.

4) "The forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve was an Apple." In actuality the religious texts never mention it, most religious scholars agree that the story most likely implied it was a fig.

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Actually, I think it was a Fig LEAF that COVERED the forbidden fruit. Oh, well, you never know about this mythology stuff.

1: America is a free country.

2: Things exist which are spiritual in nature.

3: Venerated historical figures like George Washington and Christopher Columbus were honorable.

4: Morality can be objective.

5: America is a democracy.

6: Socialism means state control.

7: Particles are something separate from fields

8: The state has authority

9: The average human is sane.

10: There can never be peace among humans.

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"Trump is good for the economy." That's a good one. "The end is near." That's a bad one, but, closely related to the other, I fear. Can a fifth bankruptcy be far away?? Is professional "bankruptist" a word?? :-(