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Name any period in American history where Democrats weren't obsessed with race

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It's never happened

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Name any period in American history where Democrats weren't obsessed with race

Hello M:

Lemme see... When American history BEGAN, we had slavery, and the libs were obsessed with it.. TODAY in American history we have Jim Crow, and the libs are obsessed with it..

WHY, you ask, are the libs obsessed with race.. Cause libs believe freedom ought to be for EVERYBODY, and it surly AIN'T.


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HermesButt(21) Disputed
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Ig black people almost all live in liberal cities and don't have equality yet, what exactly are white liberals waiting on?

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GreenThing(86) Disputed
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You are correct on several accounts. The Democrats fought a war to keep their slaves. The Democrats created the Klan and Jim Crow to control their slaves once they got loose. And now they created identity politics and long serving welfare to make sure their slaves serve the service of keeping them in power. We know what happens to a black person if they resist the Democrats. They get treated like subhumans. Nothing ever changed other than the method that the Democrats used to dominate and control black people.

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GrinchSanta(25) Disputed
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You're right. Freedom ought to be for everyone, but it's only for those who don't oppose Facebook, Twitter, big pharma or the media, which is owned by billionaires. The only reason you haven't noticed people being treated like blacks in the early 1900s is that you walk in lockstep with whatever the billionaires told you to think this week. You're like a white person in the 1920s who doesn't notice injustice because it's not happening to you. It couldn't be more obvious that you aren't really what you pretend to be. You won't speak out. In fact, you'll do nothing other than bend the knee to the billionaires while pretending to be about truth, justice and equality.

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The Democratic Party has NEVER changed their name because they are the same party of racism and bigotry that we've all witnessed throughout history. Just look at some of the longest serving Democratic Party presidents in the 20'th century. Woodrow Wilson (racist), FDR (racist) ... LBJ (RACIST). The racism within the Democratic Party still exists to this day.

Take a look at liberal/leftist women today. They fight tooth and nail for ABORTION. All while running from the FACT that 4 black women get an abortion for every 1 white woman. Democrats fight very hard to WIPE OUT FUTURE BLACK GENERATIONS. Can you get anymore racist then that?!?

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