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 Name some of Your Goals: Short-term, Long-term, Previous/Already Achieved (37)

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Name some of Your Goals: Short-term, Long-term, Previous/Already Achieved

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Achieved: Obtaining a black belt in Kajukenbo, whipping Nomenclature's ass in 500 debates, beating 500 video games, reading 500 books.

Short-term: Getting a job, getting popular enough on youtube to get payed, getting better at math, making my first rap album.

Long-term: Becoming immortal with biotechnology, building the first Resource Based Economy city, discovering the Unified Field Theory, Traveling to another solar system and having sex with alien women.

Rusticus(1959) Clarified
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This is the first time I've heard of anyone's bucket list including sex with alien women.

I don't claim to be an expert but I'm pretty sure your chances of getting laid are better here on earth.

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getting popular enough on youtube to get payed

Do you have an outline in place? i.e. topics you wish to discuss, how to approach it, how to edit videos/audio, marketing, advertisement, ect.

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Do you have an outline in place?

A rough outline, yes.

topics you wish to discuss

I can discuss pretty much everything, which is why I have considered making multiple channels. I used to have a channel with around 150 videos, which included everything from rapping to ranting about the government and talking about quantum physics. It got deleted because on one of my videos I smoked a blunt on camera and ranted in an Alex Jonesesque fashion about the "zionist pedophiles" who run hollywood and control wallstreet and the federal reserve.

how to approach it

Not the way I did before, that's for damn sure (lol). In my efforts to be entertaining as well as informative I took away from my own credibility by acting like a maniac. People would also watch one of my videos, like it and subscribe, then see content of an entirely different breed that they disagree with and unsubscribe. (often leaving behind nasty comments) People who liked my raps thought my science videos where boring, people who liked my science videos saw my conspiracy videos and thought I was a nut job. People who liked my conspiracy videos thought my raps where offensive and complained about swearing etc. I suppose it's all the more reason to compartmentalize my material into different channels and perhaps even take on different personas in each one. The subject matter of each channel would be geared towards a certain audience. I would probably have a rap channel, a health channel, a channel dedicated to the RBE system, a conspiracy/anti-government channel, and a channel where I explore things(old or ancient structures, nature trails etc.) and do survival challenges similar to Bear Grylls. I might throw in a gaming channel too for good measure.

how to edit videos/audio

In principle this should be pretty simple, the problem I am currently facing is that I have tried to download 3 different (fairly reputable) brands of editing software and they are incompatible with my computer which is from the 1970s (not literally).

marketing, advertisement

This one will be the biggest pain in the ass, without a doubt youtube will never promote most of my content and I will always face attacks from the establishment worshiping SJWs that run youtube. Most channels that produce anything of true merit have to resort to crowd funding and get their videos demonetized and stripped of their add revenue on a regular basis. This is why I have to essentially play the role of multiple people so that I can make money, spread real information and logic, and have some fun with it all at the same time. I don't mean that in the sort of way where I would be lying or faking some identity with an alias but rather I would be expressing or even exaggerating certain aspects of myself to go along with the content and keeping some to myself on each channel (although each channel would be loosely connected to the others).I am also very good at producing honest yet click-baiting titles to videos.

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Short Term: Graduate High School, get into my dream college, get healthy, own a pet, buy an apartment

Long Term: Get married to my best friend, have respectful children, make good money on a career I love, travel the world

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Most recently:

Find the best partner for the rest of my life. Met my wife. Done

Try to have kids. Had two. Done

Raise those kids to become good people. In progress.

From my younger years:

Win scholarships for college. Done. I got debate and academic scholarship to undergrad and a teaching scholarship to grad school.

Get the F out of Dodge (so to speak). Done. Managed to start a new life in Boston area and never have to move back.

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#1. Get more healthy. I need to learn to cook but don't have time for a cooking class yet. In the

meantime I'm going to buy a food processor and start making salads.

#2. Retire soon. I only need another 6 months for my full 30 year retirement and I'll make more in

retirement than I make now.

#3. Get my house fixed up and ready for sale which I'm doing now. Wait for an up market and move to

a lower rent town. I live in high end land now so I should be able to sell here and get a nicer house

with acreage in a more remote town.

#4. Get a small one man motorhome.

#5. Get settled in the new house and start traveling and exercising more.

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Great--thanks for sharing.

It may or may not interest you to know, in High School I had a teacher who was a big sailor & always dreamed of retiring by living on his boat and traveling with his wife. Turns out, 1 year after my graduation date, his dream came true--he now lives at sea with the funding to make it work due to his pension plan

Rusticus(1959) Clarified
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You have named the one thing I'd never do which is to buy a boat. (aside from a rowboat) I first went to sea in the late 1970's and I've seen enough water. The only exception is that I'd like to do a round the world trip and it would have to be by passenger freighter because I despise flying. I have no desire to sail on a cruise ship, I don't even own the clothes that would be required. I don't go anywhere where jeans and casual shoes would look out of place. I spent many years sailing deep sea and I'd be far more comfortable living and eating with the crew on a freighter than I would with the fancy cruise ship crowd and it's far cheaper to travel on the passenger freighter anyway. If I'm in an airplane and it's going down I'm helpless. If I'm on a ship and it's sinking I'm gonna be fine. As far as small boats go, forget it, I have no desire to be soaking wet for days on end while bouncing around in misery. Also, I'm 6ft tall and in a boat the taller you are the more you hit your head and don't like to hit my head. I love riding a good seaworthy ship through a storm, small boats - no thanks.

Another thing about traveling internationally in a small boat is the reality of piracy. There are some nasty places in the world and piracy is a very real thing. I don't ever want to find myself in a situation where I'm all alone in foreign waters wondering what I've gotten myself into. It can get dicey even on a deep draft vessel and the idea of putting myself in that situation in a small boat has absolutely no appeal for me.

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What you're saying is that your ambitions include RETIRING and moving into a SMALL ONE MAN MOTORHOME.

Well at least you know your limitations and recognise the importance for people like you to keep well away from normal people.

I bet you set the world on fire, you sound like a real go getter, just the sort of intrepid trailblazing pioneer that made America the greatest nation on earth.

Go get them there cowboy.

Rusticus(1959) Disputed
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I suggest you work on your reading comprehension skills.

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Those sound great! Traveling should have been on my list of things too.....time for editing. :D

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Regarding the living situation. Be completely self-sufficient (or at least as close to as possible) with my house. Be completely debt free so when the kids are old enough I can give them the house and land. And towards the end of my life, live in a condo with my husband probably by the beach or someplace that we can walk more than drive.

Raise the kids to be good, contributing members to society and raise them so that they know failure only happens when you give up and mommy and daddy will always be there for them and if they make a mistake we'll try to fix it as a family.

And travel more. ;D

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Eat this sandwich


Master time travel again.

Previous/Already Achieved

Lured 3 of the hottest girls in town to my home & screwed them like lightbulbs. They weren't bad.

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excon(14603) Disputed
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Also, it is my goal to understand the basic difference between things like biology and physics and/or between biological DNA and the genetic code.

Hello again, fuckstick:

Nahhh... What's CLEAR is that by DENYING the results of my DNA test, you're goal here isn't science, it's HATRED..


MichioKaku(160) Disputed
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Boo hoo little baby pussy pants thinks it's hate speech to disagree with anything that has to do with jews.

NumberOne(442) Disputed
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MichioKaku(160) Disputed
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Also, it is my goal to understand the basic difference between things like biology and physics and/or between biological DNA and the genetic code.

Biology is based on physics you corn shucking jack ass. Biology operates under the same physical laws that everything else does. Literally everything that exists boils down to physics. Yes they are separate fields of study, but they are also inseparably linked because biology is bound by physical laws.

The genetic code isn't actually a tangible thing that exists, it's the physical properties of DNA and it's interaction with other macro-molecules that creates the "code". Which is really just a sequence of segments on a molecule.