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 Name something you can always see. (15)

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Name something you can always see.


Try to be original ; no repeating of someone elses reply ,ok


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Wink..................................HAVE FUN.

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Name something you can always see.

The single, easiest and most fundamental answer I can give is: I see light.

Oh. And dead people. All the time.

Akulakhan(2984) Disputed
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What if the lights off? And what if you're blind? No light there... Though I guess we imply that to see is to have eyes.

Mahollinder(900) Disputed
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"See" does imply that you have eyes, and eyes that function. And what is the function of eyes? To receive light! So if you are seeing, you are literally only seeing light. And therefore, light is something (and the only thing) you can always see.

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I can always see my dark lord and master Cthulhu in my dreams. May He shower us all in His fiery hatred! Ia! Ia! Ftagn! Ftagn! The Deamer is Awake! He arises from the watery depths of R'lyeh! He embraces our entire existence with His horrid maw of tentacles!


Why choose the lesser evil?

The tip of my.... uh.... what do you call it.... uh..., nose ;)

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i can always see the people and things in my mind. you didn't specify that i have to use my eyes right

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If thats how you see things , thats fine by me......................................................

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i see humanities acting more retarded than ever.

im not saying im smart im saying were all acting dumb, been scared of 2012 and shit like that. someone that lived 300 millions years ago cant tell the future of now ok so fucking stop getting scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 points

The rim of my glasses.

Are we being literal or figurative here?

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"Are we being literal or figurative here?"

Dear Awen , Its however you like to see it.

ps, thankyou for asking. Again , Have a good day :)

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sun and moon always see them and thir always yhere in the world

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"no moon tonight , no spirit to guide you" sorry you just reminded me of that song , but nuntheless , they are always there to see. :)

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I see the tip of my nose if my eyes are open, and the inside of my eyelids if they are closed.

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No matter the devastation and destruction seen in war , you will always see , a maccas' and a coke sign amonst it.