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Name, the Party, of tolerance, and inclusion.

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The Repiblican Party, is the Party of tolerance, and inclusion, because most Republicans, support freedom of thought, while Democrats, attack, and lie, about anyone who disagrees. Nom started attacking me, for disagreeing, with his opinion, and when i banned him for attacking me on my debate, he used alt accounts, to stalk, and attack me. No one has the right, to enter some's home, and be abusive.

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Neither. Seriously. Libs go too far with trying to be PC and are intolerant, and Conservatives go too far in trying to hold onto the past and are intolerant.

Both sides looooove pointing the finger at each other and never seem to understand there IS a middle. Independent is the closest one can get to tolerance and inclusion but even that is muddled when people misunderstand.

BurritoLunch(6607) Disputed Banned
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Both sides looooove pointing the finger at each other and never seem to understand there IS a middle.

Yeah, and it is to the left of both of them.

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In fairness it is a total false equivalence to compare the Democrats with the utter insanity which has taken a grip of the GOP. There are plenty of valid criticisms about Democrats, but they are minor in comparison with literally trying to bring back fascism.

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I can respect, what you are saying. I am neither left nor right, but when i disagree with the left, they attack, and when i disagree with the right, most support my right, to say that.

Mint_tea(4647) Clarified
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I have the opposite experience. The one's who attack are typically Republican, usually they ban after tossing out some BS statement on what they think my stance is, either that or they keep misrepresenting what I say entirely. There are some Left-leaners on here who do get a bit heated in debates but it's rare they completely distort what I am saying. Don't get me wrong, both sides are able to go crazy and there are some on both sides who are great to debate with but I get more attacks from Righties than Lefties.