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Nancy Pelosi rips up Trump's speech

She's a circus animal

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She really does need to get over herself. Move on, maybe have some calming tea and get a wider perspective on things.

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BurritoLunch(4964) Clarified
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get a wider perspective on things.

To pretend that Trump isn't a crook? You don't need a wider perspective for that. You just need to live on a different planet.

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PresObama(21) Disputed
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Show us Trump committing an illegal act as President.

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FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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You act like this is just Nancy. The entire Democrat Party has needed gallons of calming tea for the past three years!

They are still saying they will keep going after Trump. They should all be kicked out of office for the sham impeachment they just pushed on America.

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That one wanton act of uncontrolled viciousness graphically illustrated the true vindictive disposition of this dried up old hag to the world as well as securing President Trump's well deserved 2nd term in office.

At this side of the pond most British political journalists have expressed their revulsion at the rascality of Pelosi tearing up her President's speech documents.

President Trump is now enjoying a popularity rating of 49% with all the polls showing that the American people are looking forward to increased personal prosperity if Donald Trump gets re-elected.

Of course he's going to win THIS FORTHCOMING ELECTION and the Democrats will have their long, pointy noses rubbed in THEIR OWN SHIT.

The dems lost the last election.

The Mueller report exonerated President Trump of the Democrats' scurrilous accusations .

This farcical impeachment attempt has also failed.


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I am not a Trump voter, but what she did was wrong. If Trump is so wrong for America, vote him out, and stop acting like petulant children.

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Nancy Pelosi rips up Trump's speech

Hello joe:

Hell, that ain't nothing.. The president, along with his bootlickers in the Senate, tore up the Constitution..


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YeshuaBought(2860) Clarified
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I promise not to be abusive, and I am not a conservative, but I am wondering how Trump ripped up the Constituion, and what evidence you have, to back that up? I as a centrist, feel that the left and the right, are both doing that, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

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excon(14555) Clarified
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I am wondering how Trump ripped up the Constitution, and what evidence you have, to back that up?

Hello again, Y:

One need look no further than the two articles of impeachment, and the 17 witness's who testified in the House. The articles make certain allegations, and the witness's confirmed them.

That the Senate chose to have a sham trial changes nothing about what the House did or what the witness's said..


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Nancy said she ripped it up because Trump was taking credit for things he should not have.

Gee, that would include every President State of the Union address since it began. I don't remember any other fools ripping up the speech for the same reason.

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