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Naruto vs. Luffy

Who would win in a fight to the death between Naruto (from the naruto anime series) or Luffy (from the one piece series)?

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I think Naruto will win because he has the power of the nine tailed fox and he mastered sage mode. So all Naruto has to do is put Luffy in the water and hold him there until he drowns because when Luffy ate the gum gum fruit his weakness was that he couldn't swim and he will die if he is drowning.

Well said!

Srom(12206) Clarified
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Thank you! .

I always liked One Piece a little more that Naruto but I wish Luffy could swim.

Lol I am sorry I didn't read the debate correctly the winner would be Naruto by far.

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There's no way the jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox could lose to Luffy! He's the fourth Hokage's son, mastered sage mode, and regularly fights people for a living.

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Naruto will win because of his biju and strength''

Also Luffy is not serious mainly in battle and he only has rubber powers which can be cut easily