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So, recently, after a few months of hiatus, I restumbled back onto a game called Nationstates, which is essentially a government/political simulator, allowing the player to pick options on various issues delivered daily (the amount you can customize), and your chooses will shape what kind of government you have (the amount of political and civil freedom, and the economy), and since I figured this is a debate and all of you have a political position, that'd it be interesting to what you come up with.


The URL is:

My nation is here:

To make a simply, you simply have to make an account, name it, and do give most of the starting information, etc. Afterwords, it'll give you two issues to start with. Simply answer those, to start the nation. Issues are generally proceeded in the next 12 hours (although, for me it's generally, the time it gets to the next 12:00 mark.

And finally, if you make a nation, go ahead and post the link in the comments. Oh, and if anyone has any questions, I'll answer them.

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(The flag is fanart of a Zelda great fairy (National animal) because franky I doubt anything else would fit guidelines)

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I am Altaslavia in the South Euope Union.

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•16 hours ago: Following new legislation in Elvyra NaMeine, condemned prisoners spend hours a day sitting in lotus position looking perplexed.