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Natural Therapies work Prescribed Drugs maybe harmful but work
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Natural or Drug treatments for Cholesterol Lowering

Natural Therapies work

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Prescribed Drugs maybe harmful but work

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I found this which details how red yeast rice from Hypocol works

Supporting Evidence: Red Yeast Rice Works (
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With proper clinical evidence, I support natural therapies because it can be effective and more importantly safe.

Like drugs, it is important to understand the correct use of natural therapies to get the right effects and benefits.

Unlike drugs, natural therapies are from obtained from nature and, hence, should be more acceptable to human. Drugs are manufactured synthetically and are like chemicals which may cause harm to our body in the long-term, when taken chronically.

So, I would ensure that my natural therapies are clinically proven to be effective and safe. I would stay away from drugs first if possible.

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Poisonous snakes are from nature, they are not safe! Not all "natural" products are healthy. There are lots of unsafe herbal products or vitamins that are sold at too high of levels that can cause negative side effects. I have a PhD in nutritional sciences, and I know what to look for on the packaging, but many people have the same misconception that you do... if it is from nature it is safe!

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Sorry it is not a misconception i was asking peoples opinion however I also found this which is quite scary - about prescribed drugs

Supporting Evidence: secrets of the drug indusry 113,000 american deaths (
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A few points. The best outcome for the patient would be to have lowered cholesterol without taking any medication. So the focus should be on encouraging fitness and proper nutrition. If the situation is acute and dangerous, medication may be employed until the patient's cholesterol is out of a danger zone. But if the patient really wants to be healthy, no drug will give him that. He has to do that himself by exercising daily and eating well. I think the health care providers job is to try to move him to that goal.

To the point of natural vs synthetic. Of course there are many dangerous and toxic naturally occurring substances, but that doesn't say anything about the difference between synthetic drugs and naturally occurring herbal medicine. I think the subjective difference is obvious to anybody who has taken an effective herbal drug vs a synthetic one. Maybe one day science will be able to create substances and medicines that are as complex as those found in nature, but we're not there yet. Herbal medicines work, but you really need to find a good herbalist though, buying herbal remedies at the grocery store without really knowing what you're doing won't really work most the time.

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I was voted down, but maybe that's why everyone in my family has low cholesterol. Doctor backs this up to...

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this just in about chinese red yeast rice - tests on 5000 patients

Supporting Evidence: Red Yeast Rice Study Suggests 45% reduced risk of heart attack (
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Keep taking drugs silly humans. Your dependency on them will be your downfall.

Supporting Evidence: (
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Quit eating beef, start eating pork. Simple as that, if you eat alot of pork in a life...

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The problem that most likely caused the high cholesterol is that the person in question cannot eat healthy enough to begin with. So just telling them "eat more good foods" isn't going to work. But if you let them know which foods are healthy AND prescribe something that will directly affect, you'll see far better results. One or the other alone could never be as effective. If the person shows s/he can eat a better diet, you remove the medication.

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