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Nazis WERE Socialists

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This is such a bloody stupid bit of nonsense. It seriously does not matter either way. One instantiation of correlation (or its absence) does not establish a robust causal relation (or its absence).

Side: Don't lecture me Rippa
Rusticus(809) Disputed
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"It seriously does not matter either way."

It does matter. Calling Nazis socialists is a twisted way of saying that socialists are Nazis. They aren't. Surely you're not so stupid that you don't get that. The name of the Nazi party was The National Socialist German Workers' Party. It doesn't matter what the Nazi assholes called themselves they weren't socialists they were fascist Nazis which is the polar opposite of socialism.

Just because Nazi's tried to co-opt the meaning of the word 'socialism' doesn't mean you should continue their work UNLESS YOU YOURSELF ARE A NAZI.

Maybe you're too stupid to know that one of the first things the Nazi's did was to attack REAL socialists also known as TRADE UNIONISTS. Tell you what, GO BACK TO GRADE SCHOOL AND START THE FUCK OVER!!!


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Jace(5163) Disputed
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The irony of thinking I'm the one who needs an education. Your reading comprehension skills couldn't even carry you all the way through a three sentence post.

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