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Yes could happen Islam is taking over
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New Religion Possible?

If you took all Abrahamic religions out, all non-Abrahamic could mesh together bc they all have no dogma and believe in a circular life cycle instead of heaven or hell.  The old church is definitely unarguably DYING.  Can man live godless?!  Or will he take on a more malleable universal religion?

Yes could happen

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Islam is taking over

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New religions and cults evolve all the time.

There is a trend with people who take certain parts that they like from several religions (including the abrahamic religions) and making it into their own sort of.. moral rule book.

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As science continues to solve the mysteries of life and the universe most of the man-made religions are dying a natural death.

The more primitive/superstitious the people are, the longer it takes for them to recognise the mumbo-jumbo with which they were indoctrinated as children.

That's why the numbers of practicing Christians are dwindling while other faiths are continuing to maintain their simple minded followers.

The two great evils in this world are religion and loony left wing filth as represented by Nom.

Let's hope the faithful and NOM''s great unwashed loony leftists become extinct before the rest of humanity is dragged back into the dark ages.

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Most of the man-made religions are dying a natural death.

As opposed to the religions which aren't man-made?

You have such an endearing combination of ego mixed with brute stupidity.

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